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Torn Earth is a comic series written by the website host Epik Berm, and one of his colleagues simply known as The Paradoxist. Together the two wrote a crude comic in their middle school years, which has slowly developed into something legitimate over the; as of now (September 2020), 7 years of story telling.

This Wiki was created to document all of Torn Earth: established March 31, 2020 solely by Epik Berm.

Torn Earth is a series that has been split down many different paths, with all hundreds of different characters and events that differentiate from our world. In short, the story follows a lot of Sci-Fi, Horror, and Fantasy genre fiction in a world filled with aliens, mutants, and other horrid abominations.

In a rough statement, the story predominantly takes place between 2014 and 2105, with bits further in the future and past.


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Please note: This wiki is work in progress. Categories such as the Lore section (Excluding the Timeline) have minimal work in it, and everything else has holes in their info. Thank you for understanding.

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      • Exodus Incorporated
        • The Cabin
        • The Office Building
        • The Abandoned Mine
        • An Isolated Residence
        • The Underground Hospital
        • The Locked Parking Lot
        • A Busy Highway
      • Torn Earth Development
        • Torn Earth - The Frontlines; 2042
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